2019 MarketPlace Christmas Parade

The MarketPlace will be having its annual Christmas parade on Sunday, December 1 from 5pm in the City of Hamilton, to kicks-off the Christmas festivities in Bermuda. For more than 20 years The MarketPlace has been involved with the annual Christmas parade in the City of Hamilton, with 2019 marking the 10th edition of the parade as the MarketPlace Christmas Parade, and we aim to make it an even more memorable occasion than ever before.

Participants will include the Lions Club of Bermuda, Bermuda Long Riders Club, the Association of Filipinos in Bermuda, Blu Kids, Bermuda Police Service Motorcycle Division, Bermuda Fire Service, Bermuda Regiment, St George’s Dancerettes, Dancesations, Vasco Folklore Dace Group, Rated-E Dance Group, Place’s New Generation Gombeys, plus much more and of course, Santa Clause!

Come on out and bring the whole family! You can count on us!

Please be advised that the roads in the City of Hamilton will be closed from 3pm, complete road closure notice here.

Updates | November 22nd, 2019