Hurricane Food and Supply Preparedness Tips

Here are some food and supply tips to best prepare during and after a hurricane to keep you and your family safe and healthy.

Prepare an emergency food and medicine supply:

  • Put together a 3 to 5 day supply of non-perishable foods
  • Make sure to have enough baby food or formula (if needed)
  • Gather any prescription medicines

Prepare an emergency water supply:

  • Have at least 5 gallons of water per person (which should be enough to last 3 to 5 days)
  • Gather clean containers for water
  • Get supplies to make your drinking water safe (like iodine tablets or chlorine bleach)

Gather safety items:

  • First aid supples
  • Battery-powered radio
  • Flashlights
  • Extra batteries
  • Candles or lamps with fuel
  • Cell phone with chargers and a backup battery
  • Utility tarp and string

Gather personal items:

  • Hand sanitizer
  • Wet cleaning cloths (like baby wipes) in case you don’t have clean water
  • Soap
  • Toothpaste
  • Tampons and pads
  • Diapers

Tip: Make sure your supplies are stored together in a place that’s easy to reach.

Click here to watch to how to prepare a simple emergency food and supply kit.

Tips | September 17th, 2019