The MarketPlace Launches Leadership and Development Programme

14 September 2021 – The MarketPlace today announced the launch of its leadership and development programme, Pathways to Leadership, with several future leaders onboard in 2021. The programme aims to prepare willing and motivated employees to fulfill leadership positions within The MarketPlace group of stores. Associates will have the opportunity to work alongside and learn from adept grocery managers with vast experience working in both local and overseas supermarkets and retail stores whilst gaining experience across a range of store areas. Personalised leadership pathways will be created for each associate based on prior experience and interest.

During the self-timed directed programme, to be completed within one to three years, associates will complete several modules, depending on their selected leadership path; including, front-end management, warehouse management, produce department management, frozen and dairy department management, general merchandise management, health and beauty department management, grocery department management, meat department management, inventory management, dispute and conflict resolution, purchasing, operations and report writing. In addition to modules, associates will have support of programme supervisors and training facilitators aimed at assisting them to improve and progress towards successfully completing each module.

The initiative is part of The MarketPlace’s continued commitment to grow and foster more locals for leadership positions and is available to current Bermudian or spouses of Bermudian associates.

Seth Stutzman, President of The MarketPlace group of stores, says: “As we continue to create new opportunities for people to work in our stores, such as personal shopping positions, we thought it necessary to define the steps for growth opportunities for our associates as they develop into our future leaders. Our success over the years has been the result of the hard-work and dedication of our associates as we have a long history of nurturing our own talent. Our Pathways to Leadership programme represents a unique opportunity for our associates who have an interest in leadership and career growth within the grocery and retail industry. We are thrilled about enhancing our role in supporting and developing our homegrown talents and wish them all the best success.”

Shahidah Shamsid-Deen, Training Manager, says: “The programme formally enables The MarketPlace to identify future leaders in the company and ensure that they receive adequate training and experience for their personal growth and to continue the strong values in the communities we serve. I am very proud of the hard-work and effort already produced by the inaugural group and believe that they have all of the skills to succeed.”

Four associates successfully applied and have secured placement for the 2021 launch of the programme:

  • Kiunah Outerbridge, selected general merchandise and health and beauty specialist and assistant store manager pathway, her previous role was floor merchandiser, and her current pathway role is assistant general merchandise and health and beauty specialist.
  • O’Shane Morrison, selected produce director pathway, his previous role was produce merchandiser, and current pathway role is produce department manager.
  • Monique Hodsoll, selected bakery department management pathway, her previous roles were personal shopper, floor merchandiser and cashier, and current pathway role is bakery merchandiser.
  • Tahjae Welch, selected assistant store manager pathway, his previous role was grocery lead, and his current pathway role is grocery department manager.

Five additional associates are awaiting placement availability. All interested associates are encouraged to express their interest at any time.

Press Release | September 14th, 2021