5% Discounts Extended until December

22 September 2020 – The MarketPlace today announced an extension of its three-times weekly 5% discount and daily 5% discount for recipients of financial assistance until the end of the year.

The extended offering of the three-times weekly discount – Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday – and daily discount for recipients of financial assistance, which were due to end September 30 and October 31, respectively, is our way of continuing to support our communities. The MarketPlace has a long history of supporting our communities, especially during times of need, and is therefore to extend the discounts until December 31 when it will be reviewed.

Seth Stutzman, president of The MarketPlace group of companies, said: “With uncertainty continuing for all, it’s vital we do what we can to continue to support our communities. I’m delighted we are able to continue to support our valued customers by further extending our three-times weekly 5% discount until the end of the year as well as daily 5% discount for recipients of financial assistance. We hope this gesture combined with our savings initiatives will make life a little easier for our valued customers.”

The MarketPlace continues to support our communities and offer cost saving initiatives, particularly during these challenging times. These cost saving initiatives include:

Every Day Low Prices (EDLP) programme – this monthly initiative aims to give customers access to a range of quality items deeply discounted over a one-month period. New items are available from the first of each month.

Value Bag line – this initiative provides customers with staple grocery items for $29.99, an average cost savings of $15. Items include bread, canned evaporated milk, canned peas and carrots, flour, jam, pasta sauce, peanut butter, rice, toilet tissue, and vienna sausages.

Supporting local entrepreneurs – providing local entrepreneurs the opportunity to expand their reach by selling in The MarketPlace stores and have provided them with marketing support through the Entrepreneur Spotlight video series. Vendors include 9 Parishes, Bermuda Glass Candy and Glampop.

Press Release | September 23rd, 2020