Bush's Best® Reduced Sodium Garbanzos 16 oz. Can

Gluten free. Reduced Sodium (50% less sodium than our regular garbanzos). This product contains 240mg of sodium per serving versus 480 mg for our regular garbanzo beans. Since 1908. www.bushbeans.com. For more recipes visit: www.bushbeans.com. 1-800-590-3797. Please refer to the code on end of can. Please recycle. Cooking and creativity go hand in hand. That’s why Bush’s Reduced Sodium Garbanzo Beans don’t stop at offering plant-based protein and fiber – they open up a whole world of versatility and inspiration. And while some people call them "chickpeas," everyone agrees they're delicious. Their hearty, nutty flavor and lower sodium content makes them perfect in salads and stews, blended into hummus, fried as falafel and more. So while you may not know exactly what your next creation is going to be, you can rest assured it’s going to be great.