An all natural juicy pork tenderloin with the rich, bold taste of teriyaki is a longstanding Hatfield favorite. Now, we’ve added a hint of honey and a kick of garlic--so it’s got even more flavor and all the same goodness. Just cook and serve. Simple. From our dry rub seasoned tenderloins to our slow-cooker-ready pork roasts, delicious fresh pork makes dinner less about the cooking and more about the family and you! Family owned, American Made. Gluten free and no MSG. Pork with a Pledge: We’re driven by a conviction that our business isn’t just about our quality products, but it’s about our commitment to animal care and accountability to our farmers, community and you! *Learn more about our values and find great recipes at SimplyHatfield.com. Questions? Call toll free: 1-800-743-1191 Mon. - Fri. 8 am - 4 pm.