Lever 2000 Original Soap Bar 4 oz, 16 Bar

Lever 2000 Original Bar Soap has grown with the family and it continues to makes you feel refreshingly clean. What better way to wake up and start your busy day, than with an energizing shower with Lever 2000 Original Bar Soap? Lever Original Bar Soap helps you remove any body odor while providing a fresh, light, clean scent experience during your shower that will be sure to help you start your day right. Lever 2000 Original Bar Soap has deep, yet gentle cleansers that leave you feeling refreshed after each use. This gentle bar soap cleanser is perfect for your whole family to use. Our advanced formula contains the original fragrance and has an optimal combination of skin hydrators and sunflower seed oil that won’t dry out your skin. This fragrance formulation is known to have hydrating qualities, to make your family’s skin feel great. Lever 2000 Original Bar Soap that will leave your skin naturally healthy and hydrated, so you can tackle the day! For an even more skin soothing shower experience, try out our invigorating Aloe & Cucumber bar soap variant. Lever 2000 Aloe & Cucumber bar soap features aloe and cucumber extracts to soothe skin while offering an advanced clean, that doesn’t leave your skin feeling dry. Lever 2000 Original Bar Soap helps you feel refreshingly clean Lever 2000 Original Bar Soap leaves your skin feeling naturally healthy and hydrated Formulated with sunflower seed oil, which is known to have hydrating qualities Formulated with the original fragrance from Lever 2000 Refreshing bar soap for a great value For a clean and refreshing shower experience