Simply Asia Ramen, Japanese Inspired, Soy Ginger Chicken Broth

For Authentic Ramen Add: Noodles + chicken + vegetables. New. 5 g protein per 1 cup broth. Try it with Simply Asia Ramen Noodles. Discover more flavors from our brands: Simply Asia; Thai Kitchen. Discover the World of Asian Flavors with Simply Asia: We've traveled across Asia to bring you the rich and delicious flavors that have made this cuisine loved throughout the world. Following long kept traditional recipes, our products capture each Asian region's distinct character and flavor to create the very best quality and taste. Bring the traditional flavors of Ramen home to your family with our Simply Asia Japanese Inspired Barnes Broth. Gluten free. No MSG added. Except that which occurs naturally in soy sauce. We welcome your questions & suggestions: 1-800-967-8424. Info(at) For delicious recipes visit: Packaging by SIG. Packed in USA.