Fancy Feast Gourmet Gold Cat Food, Dry, with Savory Chicken & Turkey

Superb nutrition. Best tasting dry cat food (versus leading brands). 100% Complete and balanced nutrition. The Pursuit of Perfection in Dry Cat Food: For over 20 years, Fancy Feast has pursued the gold standard in gourmet taste for canned cat food. And during this time we've come to believe that cats should enjoy their dry food a much as they love our legendary canned entrees. You now hold in you hands the result of our passionate pursuit to create the best tasting dry cat food (versus leading brands) - Fancy Feast Gourmet Gold. And the response we've seen from cats assures us that it is possible to delight your cat's senses with a highly nutritious dry cat food. What Makes Fancy Feast Gourmet Gold So Exceptional? Simply, it is the perfect balance of a sensational meal paired with complete nutrition to help assure a happy, healthy cat. The tantalizing aroma entices cats to the bowl, while the four enchanting shapes are delicately proportioned for a cat's mouth. And your cat will love the wholesome ingredients with real chicken and turkey in each delicious bite. Surprise your cherished cat every day with the only dry cat food good enough to be Fancy Feast. Sure to provide exquisite dining experiences for your cat. Exceed Your Cat's Expectations: Some say cats are finicky. We believe cats simply have high expectations for each meal to be spectacular. And why shouldn't they? Fancy Feast Gourmet Gold dry cut food combines all the nutrition your cat needs with the refined flavor your cat demands. Savory morsels made with chicken and turkey and other tasty ingredients, are lightly cooked and basted to a delicately crunchy finish for a gourmet experience that is sure to please your cat at each and every meal. Perfectly balanced nutrition. Exquisite taste & aroma. Enchanting shapes. Wholesome ingredients. Animal feeding tests using Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) procedures substantiate that Fancy Feast Gourmet Gold with Savory Chicken & Turkey provides complete and balanced nutrition for all life stages.