PediaSure SideKicks Nutrition Shake Chocolate Ready-to-Drink 8 fl oz Bottle

Natural & artificial flavor. Halal. Gluten free. 40% more protein (Than PediaSure Grow & Grain). 25% fewer calories (Than PediaSure Grow & Grain). PediaSure Grow & Gain: 7 g protein, 240 calories per 8 fl oz; PediaSure SideKicks: 10 g protein, 180 calories per 8 fl oz. No. 1 pediatrician recommended brand. Balanced nutrition to help fill gaps. Suitable for lactose intolerance. Call 1-800-986-8505; or visit for more general information. PediaSure FeedingExpert: Live nutrition support. Dietitians available at 800-986-8798; PediaSure SideKicks nutrition shakes have balanced nutrition to help kids catch up on growth. Each protein shake has 10g of protein, 27 essential vitamins & minerals, and 3g of fiber‡ for kids who may be missing key nutrients. PediaSure is the #1 pediatrician recommended brand. PediaSure SideKicks is available in three delicious, kid-approved flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry. * Per 8 fl oz: 40% more protein (10g vs 7g), 30% less fat (6g vs 9g), and 25% fewer calories (180 cal vs 240 cal) for PediaSure SideKicks vs PediaSure Grow & Gain. † Nutrition information sourced from USDA FoodData Central, Accessed September 3, 2020. ‡ Contains 6g of total fat per serving.