Utz Gluten Free Multigrain Tortilla Chips

Utz® Gluten Free Multigrain Tortilla Chips. Made with: Flax seeds, sesame seed, sunflower seeds, quinoa, corn, brown rice. 0g trans fat. No cholesterol. No preservatives. No hydrogenated fat. Contains 8g total fat per serving. Reg. Penna. Dept, Agr. 1-800-FOR-SNAX. www.utzsnacks.com. Utz multigrain tortilla chips have 15g of whole grains per serving and are a good source of fiber. They have only 75mg of sodium per serving and are gluten free. They are perfect for dipping with any of Utz salsas or dips, and are satisfying all by themselves! Snacking never tasted so good! We unconditionally guarantee all Utz products. If you are ever dissatisfied, return the unused portion to the store where purchased for a full refund or satisfactory replacement, or write us at 900 high street, Hanover, PA 17331. Please include the name of the store where purchased, the price/code mark on the front of this package and the reason for dissatisfaction. SAF®. Snack Food Association. An international trade authority.