Vegan Robs Popcorn, Sweet & Salty

Live & enjoy! Kettle popped. Demerara sugar. Certified gluten-free. Non GMO. Certified vegan. Kosher. Zero trans fat. With warm caramel notes and a crunchy texture, demerara sugar is far more delicious and nutritious than processed white or brown sugars. Hi! I'm Rob - My childhood was filled with wonder and passion. I dreamt of making snacks and making people happy. My first snacks were made by hand in 1986; clean snacks that were both delicious and functional. I knew then the importance of beneficial blends and seasonings made with real ingredients, and I continue to use them today. Vegan Rob's Sweet & Salty is a perfectly popped white non-GMO corn that will make you crave more. You can follow us and be a part of our journey which has lasted 30 years. Thanks so much, from the bottom of my heart. Live & enjoy! My mother's mantra. - Rob. Connect with us (at)crunchyrobs. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Live & enjoy! Love yourself, our planet, and all living things. Snack as clean & kind as possible. Certified gluten-free. Non GMO. Kosher. Zero trans fat. Vegan. No cholesterol. Earth grown. 12% DV fiber. 2 g protein. 6 g sugars.