Vegan Rob's Sweet & Salty Veganpop 4.75 oz

Certified Vegan. Certified Gluten Free. Non GMO Project Verified. Go Vegan! Plant based. Live & Enjoy! Satisfy your inner need for crunchy sweetness with Vegan Rob’s. Our Demerara Veganpop is looking for you, and now you’ve found each other! Each butterfly popcorn crunch is a mind centering experience, an energy of spiritual goodness and satisfying stress reducing flavor. It’s the sophistication of popcorn. Go Vegan! Going plant-based is a great thing! It can help the environment, your body and promote compassion. We want you to achieve inner peace and get rid of stress and anxiety. Taste pure popped perfection and fall in love! These were totally popped for you! Love yourself, our planet, and all living things. Snack as compassionately as possible. Vegan Rob. Freind - visinoary - snack guru. Connect with us (at)veganrobs. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Questions: info(at) Made in the USA.