Ruffles Original Potato Chips 1.75 oz Bag

Gluten free. Ruffles have rrridges. Export. Because when you have ridges, the crunches are crunchier, the dipping strength multiplies, and your chips become Ruffles. Visit our website (at) Can't get enough ridges? Go to Frito-Lay makes a wide variety of snacks for you and your family. Try These Frito-Lay Favorites: Doritos brand Tortilla Chips. Lay's brand Potato Chips. Ruffles brand Potato Chips. Tostitos brand Tortilla Chips. Rold Gold brand Pretzels. Cheetos brand Cheese Flavored Snacks. Santitas brand Tortilla Chips. Nothing goes better with Frito-Lay snacks than Frito-Lay dips. Try all of our delicious flavors. Product of U.S.A.