Good Natured Selects Multigrain Crisps, Baked, Original Grains with Sea Salt

Guaranteed fresh until printed date. Gluten free. 2.5 g fat per serving. Contains corn, poppy seeds, flax, caraway & sesame seeds. This package is sold by weight. When product is packaged, bag is full. Some settling will occur during shipment. A snack that's right for right now. Thanks to today's healthy lifestyles, families eat better, exercise better, and now, even snack better. Good Natured Selects are made from wholesome ingredients, including poppy, flax, sesame and caraway seeds. There are no artificial ingredients and they are gluten free. The result is a selection of premium, great tasting snacks. Good Natured Selects Original Grains: Sprinkled with just the right amount of sea salt, these multigrain crisps will surely be a family favorite and a party pleaser.