Cats Pride Cat Litter, Premium, Fresh & Clean

Safe & effective odor control. Recommended by the American Humane Association. Designed for superior performance and safety. You want the best care for your cat, and so does Cat's Pride. That's why we developed Cat's Pride to be a quality cat litter proudly endorsed by the American Humane Association. Every day, all across the country, this non-profit organization dedicates its time and services to the prevention of cruelty, neglect and exploitation of animals. Now, you too can work with us to help animals everywhere when you purchase Cat's Pride. Because with each purchase of Cat's Pride, a donation is made to the AHA to assist in their efforts all across the country. A Product The American Humane Association Stands Behind: The AHA stands behind hundreds of clinics, thousands of animal shelters and millions of cats, yet it still only recommends one brand of cat litter, Cat's Pride. This approval is not given lightly. It requires the absolute best in product quality, safety and effectiveness. And, it means that Cat's Pride and the AHA share mutual values and feelings about the proper care of animals. Natural, Sponge-Like Minerals for Unsurpassed Absorbency: Cat's Pride takes advantage of nature's gifts by processing only the highest absorbing sponge-like minerals as the foundation for superior odor control. Safe And Effective Odor Control: We also add safe and highly effective ingredients that prevent the growth of germs in the litter, suppress odors and leave a fresh and clean scent All without harsh chemicals or overpowering fragrances.