Cat's Pride Premium Cat Litter Natural 10 lb

100% natural odor elimination. 7-day odor control. Fragrance & dye free. Proud to be the Most Passionate Company About Cats: Cat's Pride, a family owned brand, has been developing superior products from our unique clay minerals for over 75 years. Our history, expertise and resources allow us to maximize our mineral's potential to create innovative, top-quality premium cat litter products that serve the needs of cats and owners alike. Natural: Cat's Pride Natural litter delivers 100% natural odor elimination for at least 7 days with no added fragrance or dye. Its unique clay granules deliver advanced odor control and help eliminate ammonia odor the natural way, making it the premier choice for sensitive, allergic or finicky cats. Facebook: Questions & Comments: Please call us toll-free at 1-800-645-3741, or write to us at: Cat's Pride Consumer Relations P.O. Box 11279, Chicago, IL 60611-0279. Email: catspride(at) Helping Shelter Cats Find Forever Homes: Through our Litter for Good program, Cat's Pride has donated millions of pounds of litter to shelters across America to help cats find forever homes. Want to help the cause? Facebook: Learn more at and at After the last scoop, please recycle this bag. Help lower our carbon pawprint. Proudly made in the USA. The cat's pride difference. We developed cat's pride to be a quality cat litter proudly endorsed by the american humane association. Every day, all across the country, this non-profit organization dedicates its time and services to the prevention of cruelty, neglect, and exploitation of animals. Now, you too can work with us to help animals everywhere when you purchase cat's pride. Because with each purchase of cat's pride, a donation is made to the aha to assist in their efforts all across the country.; 100% natural cat's pride natural is made from 100% natural material. Its unique clay granules help eliminate ammonia odors by absorbing up to 100% of their weight in liquid waste.; No fragrances or additives. Cat's pride natural delivers advanced odor control without fragrances or additives. So your cat's litter box stays fresh and clean the natural way, making it the premium choice for sensitive, allergic or finicky cats.; Low-dust formula. Cat's pride natural uses a low-dust formula, proven to virtually eliminate airborne dust. Once more, this unique formula creates a healthier litter box environment for your cat.