Life Savers Gummies, Collisions, 2 Flavors in 1 7 oz

LIFE SAVERS Collisions Gummy Candy were created for those who can't decide on just one flavor. Nothing beats the perfect flavor fusions of raspberry lemonade, cherry watermelon, and pineapple punch gummy candy. Who could resist the simple joy of the soft, chewy, fruity goodness of LIFE SAVERS gummy candy? Who would want to? Keep a pack in your pantry or at your desk for a gummy LIFE SAVERS treat anytime. There's more than enough gummy candy to share with friends in each pack. Bring them along on family road trips to satisfy fruity chewy candy cravings. Break them out at movie night or game night to add a little fun to your candy buffet spread. There are endless ways to enjoy 2 fruity flavors in 1 with LIFE SAVERS Collisions Gummy Candy.