Schmidt Italian Enriched Bread No Seeds

Schmidt® Italian No Seeds Enriched Bread. Dear Italian Bread Customer: In 1886, a young Immigrant girl brought an Old World family recipe for breadmaking to America. Soon a delicious, fresh-baked loaf of Mrs. Schmidt's rye bread became a special treat at family tables all over town. Over the years, Mrs. Schmidt's bread remained true to its Old World tradition of fine, natural ingredients, oven fresh flavor, and hearty taste. So when it came to baking a fine-tasting Italian bread, our ethnic traditions were already well-established. From our family-now in its fifth generation of bakers- to yours comes this delicious loaf of Italian bread baked with the same quality and dedication that great-grandmother Schmidt brought to these shores over 100 years ago. We thank you for purchasing this loaf of Italian bread and hope you enjoy it. If for any reason you are not totally satisfied, please let us know and we will refund the purchase price. It's our guarantee of goodness to you. The Schmidt Family. Guarantee of goodness.