Brooklyn Bred Buns, Bistro, Country Potato

Naturally fermented. 100 delicious calories per bun. Since 1930. Bred in Brooklyn since 1930. Our buns. Your imagination. Take a bite of our Brooklyn Bred Bistro Buns: Naturally fermented and outspoken on the outside, soft and savory inside - just like a real Brooklynite! 100 delicious - and wholesome - calories open to your hearty imagination. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, even dessert. Brooklyn Bred Bistro Buns: Bred with a Brooklyn Accent! David Mafoud, Edward Mafoud - 3rd generation bakers. To learn more about our company and other delicious products visit For Brooklyn's favorite recipes, visit: Vegan. Food Winner: Damascus Bakery, Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce. Made in Brooklyn.