Earth's Best French Toast Sticks Homestyle - 32 CT

Earth's Best® French Toast Sticks Homestyle. Made with organic whole grain flour. All natural. Healthy habits for life. A great start to a lifetime of good health. Whole Grain™, 9g or more per serving, Home made naturally flavored. 9g or more per serving. Excellent source of iron, zinc and Six b Vitamins. 70% Organic. The Whole Grain difference: Earth's Best® Sesame Street® French Toast Sticks contain 9g of whole grain per serving and are made with organic whole wheat flour. Our grains are grown without potentially harmful pesticides. The whole wheat flour used in our French Toast Sticks contains all 3 layers of grain when processed, making them rich in mineral, Vitamin and fiber values as compared to those that are refined. Feeding information: Should be fed only to children who have the ability to chew solid foods. We also recommend that this product be served only while the child is seated and with supervision. New Earth's Best® Sesame Street® French Toast Sticks are made from organic ingredients grown from the Earth-no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives, no potentially harmful hormones, antibiotics or pesticides. A pure wholesome breakfast made with organic whole wheat and specially formulated with iron, zinc and six B Vitamins, and no GMOs, hydrogenated oils and trans fat. Kids will love the taste. Parents will love the nutrition. Sprinkle sprinkle! For added fiber and fun, give your child a small teaspoon of toasted wheat germ to sprinkle on top of their French Toast Sticks. Dipping fun! Instead of syrup, provide low-fat yogurt or apple sauce for your child to use as a healthy dip. Fruity choo-choo trains! Allow your child to top their French Toast Sticks with colorful sliced fruit like strawberries and together, have fun imagining them as edible choo-choo trains. Check out the earth's best difference. Organic ingredients grown in soil without potentially harmful pesticides. No artificial flavors or preservatives. No genetically engineered ingredients. No hydrogenated oils-no trans fat. Whole grains that are not stripped of their naturally occurring nutrients. Iron to help transport oxygen throughout your body. Zinc to boost your body's ability to fight infection. B Vitamins to unlock energy in carbohydrates. For special offers & coupons join the Earth's Best Family at Help your child make healthy habits an important and fun part of everyday life! Sesame Workshop®. Sesame Street® and associated characters trademarks and design elements are owned and licensed by Sesame workshop all Rights reserved. Sesame Workshop the nonprofit educational organization behind Sesame Street, pots the proceeds it receives from sales of its products right back into Sesame Street and its other projects for children at home and around the world learn more at Lets make a great start to a lifetime of good health! Farmer Elmo grows some wheat... E-I-E-I-O! These French toast sticks are made with wheat and wheat grows on a farm. Learn more at: www.sesamestreetorg/healthyhabits. Printed in Canada on 100% recycled paperboard. Thank you for recycling! Comments Call 800-434-4246. Certified organic by Quality Assurance International QAI). To receive more information on the Hain Celestial Group's Policy toward Genetically Engineered ingredients Please call 800-434-HAIN. ©2010 The Hain Celestial Group, Inc. All rights reserved.