Alpha Foods Pot Pie, Chick'n Veggie, Handheld

Meatless chicken with veggies and dairy-free mozzarella in a savory meat-free gravy. 100% plant-based. 10 g protein. Ready in 2 minutes. GMO free. Plant-based Convenience: If you've picked this up, you're already making good choices. Every delicious, hearty bite of golden pastry crust is packed with meat-free protein and savory sauces that you can enjoy on the go. We make foods that are 100% plant-based because we know that plant-based foods are good for our health, animal welfare, and the world. It's a choice we feel good about, and we hope you do too. Free of: GMOs; cholesterol; animal products. Full of: 10 g protein; plant goodness; hearty taste. Good for you, good for planet. Vegan. Enjoy All Four Alpha Handheld Pot Pies! Buffalo Chick'n; Beefy Cheddar; Pizza; Chick'n Veggie. Instagram. Facebook. Twitter.