Pepperidge Farm Dinner Rolls, Stone Baked Artisan, French

Natural. Crispy outside. Soft inside. Ready in about 10 minutes! We make sure we take out time with each batch of Pepperidge Farm Stone Baked Artisan Rolls. From the finest ingredients to the hand-scoring of each roll, we then bake them on traditional baking stones, and smile a little as we think of you discovering that crisp, golden crust and soft, moist inside. Keep a batch in your freezer for a delicious, wonderfully textured, and incredibly fresh baked bread experience - a convenient way to give your next dinner that special touch, reminiscent of your favorite restaurant or local bakery. Enjoy! Served warm from the oven, these versatile French rolls can be enjoyed with most any cuisine, from hearty beef stews to sauteed chicken and fish.